The Baté Agrikuria Kft (private limited liability company) was founded in Budapest in 2011 as a subsidiary of the Walter Schnepel Holding (Bremen). The company purpose is to run and maintain the farm and manor house (Kuria) at Baté near Kaposvár and to cultivate the land belonging to the estate of roughly 200 hectares (494 acres).
The 5 farm buildings and the manor house have meanwhile been renovated and restored. 1,000 fruit trees were planted in 2012, one third of them plum and two thirds apricot trees. A small grove of tree seedlings, their roots inoculated with truffle spores, has also been laid out on the property. The manor house was built in 1790/96 in “Zopf“-style and until the end of World War II belonged to the Gyulai-Gaál family. Thereafter it belonged to the Somogy administrative district until 2012.
With the exception of the ceiling frescos the building has meanwhile been completely restored. It is opened to the public at special occasions such as visiting tours and events.